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Al-Arba'in On Fasting and Ramadan

Al-Arba'in On Fasting and Ramadan

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Our new release is a compilation of “Forty Hadiths” by Imam Yūsuf al-Nabahānī on the virtues of fasting and Ramadan. It is supplemented with an adaptive commentary that draws upon traditional Islamic sources and the valuable insights of classical and contemporary scholars surveying the purpose of fasting, its telos, its mystical dimensions and the spirit of the act.


It also touches upon the legal positions of certain aspects of fasting. Consolidating between the social, spiritual and legal dimensions of the fast, the work makes an attempt to revitalise and make fasting comprehensible and relevant for contemporary Muslims, touching upon notions of detachment, self-discipline, restraint from the impulse to consume, religious moderation and servitude to Allah.

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