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Sponsor | Al-Arba'in On His Noble Character ﷺ

Sponsor | Al-Arba'in On His Noble Character ﷺ

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Sponsor a Copy - Spread the Knowledge

Join us in our mission to share knowledge by sponsoring a copy of this enlightening guide. Choose this option to donate a copy at a special discount of 20%. We also allow a special 40% discount if you would like to donate 100 or more copies. We will ensure your gift reaches scholars, students, and non-Muslims in universities, prisons and charities.

Note: Firasah will be responsible for donating the gift.

This concise book is a compilation of ‘Forty Hadiths’ by the Palestinian reviver of Islam, Imam Yusuf al-Nabahani, on the noble and impeccable character of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The commentary touches on various aspects of his ﷺ exquisite personality gleaning from both Islamic and Western sources—from his deep and sincere compassion for others, to his interpersonal emotional intelligence, leadership qualities, patience and more. This works sheds light on the timeless nature of the Prophet’s ﷺ moral character and how it is more relevant than ever for people in the 21st century.

Know Him and You Will Love Him

This concise book introduces the impeccable character of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to people from all walks of life. Within it, you’ll discover:

- An insightful commentary on forty Hadiths about the Prophet’s virtues, unparalleled wisdom, emotional intelligence and compassion.

- An invaluable essay entitled ‘The Hue of Moral Excellence’ written by the eminent Shaykh Habib ‘Umar bin Hafiz providing actionable guidance on adopting ethical traits in our daily lives.

- Diverse insights derived from a wide array of sources including traditional Islamic scholars and western academics and philosophers like Johan von Goethe, Edward Gibbon and others.

Ideal for:

- Anyone seeking to develop their own holistic character and personal conduct.

- Individuals keen to learn about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

- Those interested in Islam and looking to gain an understanding into its core moral teachings.

- Anyone seeking a thoughtful, educational, and spiritually enriching gift for family, friends and colleagues.

- Groups planning to distribute enriching learning resources to local centres, Mosques, schools, students, scholars, or at functions and events.

Pocket-sized book. Paperback.

Original work by: Imam Yusuf al-Nabahani

Translation and Commentary by: Ali Saiyed

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